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It is impossible to name all the possible tourist sites and day trips in the Lot.  But there is certainly something to cater for everyone's taste.

Historical Sites

Castles from different historical  periods (for example Castelnau, the 2nd fortress in France, and Montal from the Renaissance period),  

Caves which offer tours deep underground, e.g. Lacave, the Caves of Presque, and the Gouffre de Padirac (famous for its depth and its underground lake) not to mention the prehistoric caves like Pechmerle, Cougnac, with evidence of ancient habitation and "caveman" drawings.

Beautifully preserved medieaval villages like Carennac, Loubressac, Autoire, Collonges la Rouge.

A variety of museums: the open-air museum of Cuzals ( near Cahors), the  museum of the automatums, of Egyptology (Mr Champollion, who was the first to read the writing came from Figeac ).

Our Gîtes are only 20kms from Rocamadour. This extraordinary village with its church and chateau built into and carved out of the stone on the side of a huge gorge.

It is known worldwide as a centre for pilgrims on the Route of St Jacques de Compostelle (St Iago di Compostella).

Day trips

Take an old steam-train for a sightseeing trip, give pop-corn to the monkeys in the " forêt des singes" and go to many activities prepared for children.

Local Producers and Craftsmen

You may wish to visit some wine-cellars, mills producing walnut-oil, farms producing foie gras. You will also find many of our craftsmen and artists ( clay, glass, metal, paintings...) living in this area who will welcome you into their workshops or "ateliers". 

Sport and Leisure

You will find a very accurate list of the numerous activities on our local tourist office website: the  "comité départemental du tourisme" which you will find on our "Links" page, but within 3 to 20 kms from the gîte you will find facilities such as : swimming-pools, lakes, rivers, canoeing, golf, hot-air balloon flights, other flying activities, and horse-riding. There are also, of course, many beautiful walks and hikes from the house itself. 


The main reason English-speaking visitors are fond of South West France  (apart from the climate and scenery) is because of the quality of its food and wines.

The excellence begins with the skill of our local butchers who usually go to the farms, choose the animals themselves in order to guarantee a first choice quality for their meat.

Our bakers have also preserved skills handed down by their ancestrors. You will many different types of bread, often cooked in wood heated ovens.  Croissants are different in every shop, and the locals will always have their favourite baker.

Our villages offer farmers' markets, on different days where you will find fresh fruit from local producers, e.g. strawberries, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, melons, as well as all sorts of vegetables . You can also buy poultry which has a very different taste from those in the supermarkets.

The wines of Cahors or Glanes from small producers are a delight.

 As for gastronomy itself, the mushrooms (flat and chanterelle) complete the duck or goose "confit " dish. The truffled " foie gras ", and walnut-cakes are some of our specialities . You will find all these delicacies in specialist shops or on the markets.

If you wish to go to a restaurant, you will find a wide range from pizzerias or " crèperies " to gourmet restaurants, but the most interesting ones are the many traditional restaurants, which serve country size meals for 10 to 12 €.


  In the summer in St Céré the musical festival of opera and music from the 18th to the 20th century.
Attending a performance of one of Verdi's masterpieces in the main ground of Castelnau medieval castle, built in its  deep red stones is an experience that will never be forgotten.
In July the  musical festival de la Vézère  performs classical music.
By the end of August , in Aurillac ( 65 kms) the international festival of street arts ( festival international du théatre de rue ) is also worth seeing.

Find out more about the region from the tourism links on our LINKS page.